studio style, pt. 2

lighting, thinking

ola pupil people!

The studio session went swimmingly. As you can see, I lived out my fantasy of shouting directions at fabulously beautiful models, while in a suit.

This was a true experiment in controlling the composition and lighting to the utmost. I like to take pictures in natural light, of natural things, with little to no manipulation of the situation. This was not that. Every element was carefully carved out. The direction of the light, the light sources, the position of the subject, all guided by my vision.

PSB with his weapon of choice

PSB with his weapon of choice

The results were astounding! I had no idea I could easily accomplish the kind of photographs I see coming out of magazines and department store photography studios with just a careful eye and the right gear.

I’m not a photo-gear-head by any stretch, but using the proper equipment allowed me to take control over what I was shooting and get a very specific result. The PocketWizard transmitter on my camera allowed me to use the flash like never before. It syncs your shutter with the external flash on the external lights. Having the flash external from the camera was a level of control I could get used to. Having the diffuser and power levels right on the key light also helped shape how I was able to illuminate Parminder. Black backdrops helped place the emphasis on Parminder, eliminating any other visual information and making him pop right out of the photograph.

don't leave'm hangin'

don’t leave’m hangin’

I found the experience to be analogous to the recording studio. Instead of trying to eliminate all extraneous sounds with baffling and close, tight dynamic ranged unidirectional mics, you’re trying to eliminate all extraneous light with dark backgrounds, key lights, background lights, and external flashes.

thanks for your eye.

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